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With participants representing all the 3 organizations involved in the EFRE-FESR HB Ponics project, namely HBI, UNIBZ and IDM, the kickoff meeting represented a great opportunity for sharing the interest towards the final goal of obtaining an innovative system capable of using hydrochar as a substrate for growing plants in hydroponic systems and exploiting the process water as a nutrient solution.

The meeting, moderated by the project manager dr. Federica Bellunato, started with the explanation of the work packages by highlighting contents as well as milestone deadlines and the corresponding  Gantt chart.

Future needs and objectives of the project were also subject of the discussion between participants, especially for the activities requiring the involvement of third-party organizations for gathering information. In particular, the survey approach is expected to help in understanding market trends and industry needs for tailoring the project to both regional and international realities. Finally, the work methods have been discussed with all the people involved during the meeting. The use of management tools, like the free software Trello, has been proposed by the PM, in order to guarantee an online control of all the activities.

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