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Our mission to provide innovative solutions for the Circular Economy also involves the eparticipation to international conferences like the 2nd International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonizaton Berlin (May, 14th – 16th 2019 | Berlin). Through the constant involvement in both academic and industrial conferences we aim at enabling continuous improvement which is then embodied in our technologies and our consulting services.

Following is the official description of the Symposium:

The DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH (Leipzig, Germany) will host the 2nd International Symposium on Hydrothermal Carbonization in Berlin, Germany as a follow-up to the first event that took place in London, UK in April 2017. Organization of the event will be supported by the ATB Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (Potsdam, Germany).

Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is a promising technology to convert biogenic residues (agricultural residues, industrial and municipal wastes) to innovative material, energy, or environmental products. Its chemistry offers a huge potential to tune and control the product properties on demand and produce designer carbon materials for a variety of applications from environmental sorbents, innovative energy storage, to soil amendments. The liquid phase obtained during hydrothermal treatment contains a valuable source of chemicals, carbon quantum dots or can be upgraded to fuel precursors.

This symposium will review recent developments, driven by both fundamental research and applied technology. Researchers from diverse disciplines ranging from chemists, material and chemical engineers, to agricultural and soil scientists are invited to submit papers. Companies in solid waste, wastewater treatment, as well as those in the agricultural and energy industries with feasibility studies or full-scale technological applications are also invited to present their experiences. The symposium will offer a platform for discussions across disciplines and between researchers and practitioners.

Source: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2nd-international-symposium-on-hydrothermal-carbonization-tickets-51804108483

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