The HBI process

Through a specific molecular separation process, the HBI system is able to extract from the sludge sustainable materials with high added value, such as ammonia, hydrogen and nutrients for agriculture. At the same time, clean and renewable energy is produced, making the plant completely energetically self-sufficient.

The HBI system is modular and scalable, in order to guarantee small to high scale applications.

The process is a concrete example of a circular and sustainable system by recycling resources that, even today, are unfortunately destined for landfill or incineration.

Applications of the HBI technology

• Wastewater Treatment Plants

The HBI technology has been optimized in order to reduce up to 90% of sludge to be treated, while producing renewable energy and recovering sustainable value-added materials, such as ammonia and agricultural nutrients. 

• Anaerobic digestors

The HBI technology can be used for the treatment of digestates. The synergic application, together with anaerobic digestors, allows an increase of up to 40% of the overall biogas production, by using the liquid by-product obtained from the treatment of digested. 

• Others

The HBI technology can be used to treat several biodegradable by-products coming from agro-food companies and/or industries, and mixtures of them. The technology has also been tested for the treatment of the organic fractions of municipal solid waste.