During WP6 the following activities will be performed:
• the possibility of using the HTC process liquid as concentrate fertilizer solution (fertirrigation solution) for plants and its effects on the growth of different plant species;
• the possibility of using hydrochars as substrates for plant growth;
• the optimal concentration of HTC process liquid in hydroponic solution depending on the plant typology;
• the possible interactions of HTC products with nutrients (deficiencies or nutritional toxicity).

The hydroponic experimental tests on the HTC products selected in the WP5 will be carried out in cooperation with the Free University of Bolzano, using a climatic chamber under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. The hydrochars will be tested to be used as possible substrates for plant growth. At the end of these tests, growth parameters will be evaluated both in terms of aerial and radical biomass and morphology (length/density of roots and leaf area). The data obtained from these analyses improve the know-how of the consortium on the effects of HTC products on different plant species in order to optimize the concentration of the HTC process liquid to be used in hydroponic solutions and as a possible fertirrigation solution along with hydrochar.
The evaluation of any deficiency or nutritional toxicity condition will also serve as a basis for the evaluation of possible nutrient integrations to the hydroponic solution, especially as a function of the plant typology.