The Team

Expertise, vision and entrepreneurship are the core capabilities of our Team.


Board of Directors

Daniele Basso

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Eng. Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, EMBA (

Renato Pavanetto


CEO Carretta Industrial Automations, former Bank Director, HBI co-founder (

Carlo Germano Ravina


MD Nova Capital, former SVP Veolia, former McK partner (

Domenico Greco


CEO Società Chimica Assemini, Società Chimica Bussi, Caffaro Green Chemicals, founder Gestioni Industriali Group (

Alberto Dell'Acqua


Associate professor SDA Bocconi, Fincantieri Board Member, founder of Madison Capital Srl, former Italgas Chairman ( dell-acqua-410433/)


Federica Bellunato

HR & Administration Manager

Federica encourages positive and constructive communication by valuing listening, dialogue, and overcoming of critical issues. A graduate from Padua University with a degree in clinical psychology and a specialization in phenomenological psychoanalytic psychotherapy, she believes in brainpower, the power of imagination and the creation of shared value.

Francesco Longobardo

Research and Development Manager

Francesco has several years of experience in the synthesis and characterization of carbon-based nanomaterials for various applications, including electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and bioelectronics. Currently, he is completing an Executive Master in Project Management (MAPSM) at ISTUM.

Valentina Favaron

Engineering Project Manager

Valentina holds a degree in Materials Engineering. She’s experienced in managing activities in R&D, product innovation and in collaborating within international and cross-functional teams.

Lucia Zanetti

Research and Development Project Manager

Lucia is currently completing a PhD in Molecular Sciences funded by HBI. A chemistry graduate, she has experience and knowledge in the field of materials and sustainable synthesis methods. Her focus is on energy production according to the principles of Green Chemistry and Circular Economy.

Gabriele Mazzoletti

Advisor, Public Affairs & Regulatory

Gabriele collaborates with HBI overseeing the regulatory environment, stakeholder relations and corporate communications