Our story

The HBI idea was initially developed by Daniele Basso during his Ph.D. in environmental engineering in 2015, and Renato Pavanetto, an italian serial entrepreneur and business angel.
On October 2016 HBI was founded and participated by Carretta Srl, a technological parnter, leader on industrial automation and robotics since 1990. While the HBI engineers along with those belonging to Carretta Srl worked on the development of the G-12 plant, HBI won several startup national and international competitions. These competitons allowed HBI to improve and strengthen its business model. From 2016 to 2018 HBI raised more than € 300’000, between prizes and grants. In 2018 HBI started a research cooperation with the Free University of Bolzano on the application of the hydrothermal carbonization process to several biodegradable byproducts.


Enabling fair innovative technologies to preserve natural systems and improve human well-being and social equity.


We perform research and development, with a strong connection with research centres and universities, in order to promote the diffusion of innovative green technologies. Positioning as a bridge between the current and future industrial needs and the high quality knowledge of academies, we can engineer new green technologies and identify proper sustainable business models.

We actively contribute on diffusing both the green economy and the circular economy concepts through consulting activities and the participation to international conferences, conventions and congresses.

Technological Partner

Since 1990 leader on industrial automations and robotics

Carretta is a system integrator which develops and builts solutions
for the implementation of the lean manufacturing.